My first blog!! Tralee First responder news! ! 

So im new to this blogging said I’d give it a go but I’m starting with my recent journey and news and will go back over how my journey started and what happened in the last 2 years including events, marathons , triathlons, my own mental health and other issues,

So for people who don’t know me im from kerry,  I’m active and loving helping people and seen people go places in life, I’m a mental health ambassador have a massive passion  for it 👌 

My recent journey started about 5 weeks ago when I see tralee were looking for first responders, I taught about it for awhile I knew a two people on the committe and prob would make it easier for me knowing people as meeting new people is not easy for a lot of people, my main worry if it was for me or not it’s not for the faint hearted you will see alot of stuff you have prob never seem before but I said to myself ‘I won’t know unless I try’ no one in life will know anything unless they try things step outside there comfort zone, k belive life is not about being comfortable you have go live life, experiment all I know i could love doing  this, second thing was time would I have  time for it I only work 3 days a week (now your thinking how don’t I have the time) I will let you know in other blogs I train alot I run marathons and I’m active alot helps me with my mental health and its a great way to keep fit but I said even if I did 1/2 days a week for a few hours I’ll be doing my bit and I’d learn more!!

People may wonder why I do these things I can’t really explain it I have not figured it out fully, think I need to go to my councillor which I have not being at for months to try figure it out,  he makes me see things I can’t, I love to help people in need , I’m always the one helping people and given advice and alot of the time I forget myself which is a golden rule to mind yourself too, I’d always help my runner friends always go to not events support travel up rhe country if I have to, think I know why I do it but not fully sure  think it’s for another blog as I think its deep and need to be sure, I find if I’m off I can be sitting on my hole watching bad TV or I could be on call and good a good deed for the day and maybe help someone in need , I’m a massive believer in what you give in you get it back’

People might ask what does a first responder do, a first responder is people who are on call they get a call to go to scene where someone is having chest pain etc

Why are first responders important to rhe community? Well if the ambulance is away at another scene and there is joke available the first responders can get to the scene fast and update ambulance service what’s going on and first responders are trainjng to do cpr and other skills in situations,

First responders in tralee have being live now 3 months they are a voluntary based committe with volunteers who give up there time to help people who suffer from chest pain , stroke, choking, chariac arrest, to date  70 callouts completed and over 6000 voluntary hours given by a group of dedicated people, if your in tesco in tralee please drop your Blue tokens into the tralee first responders slot please ✔️
Currently I’m on my first live 12 hour shift from 7am to 7pm, typical me don’t start off small jump in with both feet head in, I’ll either land on my hole or I’ll be grand I’m on with a good friend who I went to school with Yohann Hunt I trust him I know it will be ok with big on duty with me he has being a massive support to me and the new people 👌

Tralee first responders  facebook page here to follow –>

I’d like go thank everyone in rhe tralee first responders committe and the new people who have started with me supported each other it’s people like these make the difference, hopefully I’ll settle in and I’ll be ok for now I’ll leave my anxiety be 1000% waiting for that first dreaded call out 👌

Lastly want to thank everyone who follows my journey Bair with me with this blogging stuff I’m new and my spellings can be shocking at times but I’ll post about my journey soon just testing the waters at the moment

Thank you sincerely

Colin aherne 😊


16 thoughts on “My first blog!! Tralee First responder news! ! 

  1. Well Done Colin , thrilled you are on our Tralee Responders Team so Welcome onboard. Good luck with your Blog a very brave thing to put out there . Go with your Gut feeling if it feels right then you are doing the right thing

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