Where it all began! !  My crazy mental health journey! 

Where do I start? ! ? !  It’s being a quite some journey started maybe 2 years ago alot of you won’t believe the stuff I type,

OK so where it started Humm, we all have lost people by death  by suicde, it’s something I grew up knowing nothing about was never  talked about was a massive Stigma attached to it, did not know why people did it, why do it, there was no education about it, up to 3 years ago I never fully understood, was always something I never questioned, think it was  away of life back then, I have lost so many friends to suicide it leaves a massive dent on anyone’s lives it’s something it’s hard to take main questions  is ‘why’ ‘ if I had only known”I could have helped’ it has effect Eveyone In some way or another, to this day it still hurts a simple taught and that Heart flutters and the stomach takes a backflip and brings you back to the moment right again ok here it goes my story. . . 

I lost a good friend to suicide and know his parents and family very well and Back in i think it was Sept 2014 , I was going to cork for work with a 3 day training shit (yawn) but before I went to cork on the Monday I went out for a few pints in my local, on that week was the anniversary mass of my friend who had passed away I met my friends mother in the bar and we had a ‘heart to  heart’ I’ll never forget the day still to this day lies in my memory, we talked all about them questions I stated at the start of the blog,  being honest this conversation imprinted some kinda passion, drive, made me wanted to do aoemthing about mental health in tralee I left cried all the way up walking to my house I was in bits, went and sat on the library wall as I did not want to go in home in such a mess and I needed to get it all out, think I cried a river or two, won’t lie it hurt it all came back from other people we lost to suicde and it made me mad made me bitter went to bed that night angry and sad.

The next morning I got onto the train for cork little refreshed got alot out the night before think I had no tears left, the next 3 days in cork I can say we’re torture I would have perfered to stick pins in my eyes, but this time in cork was why I’m standing here today with an amazing journey, 3 days of sitting looking at a screen, roasting hot and pointless training, but gave me too much time to think I was staring at a screen and going into trances thinking ‘what can I do about mental health in tralee?’ ‘people won’t follow or listen to me!?! I’m just a normal person I won’t have an impact!?   ‘I need to try,  it’s worth a try right’ why hasn’t someone in tralee done anything! ? ! This can’t go on! ? !

After like loads of questions I came home from cork and when I got back I went straight into planning every night before sleep I had ideas, good think I had a amazing running friends which who supported everything I did and i talk enough about them, born to run my first event was not possible without them,

So after loads of planning I said ok I’m going to do a walk and get awareness going ‘bright idea Poshey 20 people might turn up and u wilk fall flat on your face’ ok I needed funding for this needed to start some place I got onto out local td ‘Michael Healy rae’ with my idea and looking for help within 24 hours Michael rang me back bang ring newkd they will fund your idea I came off rhe phone and said wow this man thank you I then called the walk, walk 4 life 👌

Facebook page for walk 4 life –>https://www.facebook.com/walk4lifekerry/

But what happens next is the part which makes the walk an amazing success, I rang newkd and got in contact with Lorraine Bowler, she worked there met up with her about funding but little fid I know we made a super team and she linked in with alot of the work for the walk she was the back bone of the walk and was not possible without her she did super work we picked 5 charity’s to benefit from the walk they were ‘jigsaw kerry’ pieta house’ be aware prevent suicde’ aware and  kerry peer support network, I even got Lorraine to run a half marathon with me in 2015 to help promote the walk 4 life event don’t think she has forgive me yet 😂

Sofia, Lorraine and me after tralee marathon 2015

Jigsaw kerry chosen charity who helped massively along with the yap group to make it a success thank you 👌

Walk 4 life happens on the 25th April 2015 where we had about 800 people who turned up, we had guest speakers like weeshie forgerty from radio kerry and we’ll known legend, facepainting, music by Martin O Sullivan and we had Ted and his band and then at the end of the walk we had a candle one. Minute silence for all the people we lost to suicde and remeber them as well the event raised €5680 which me and Lorraine and Cory proud of and we would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the walk and we’ll needed money for mental health charity’s 🎗️

Thank you everyone 🎗️

What did it make of the start of my journey! ? ! I found out anything is possible once you put your mind to it, and once you have the right people behind you and surround yourself with the right people you can take on the world I also learned alot about myself, I never knew I had so much passion in me I never taught I’d do as well as I expected overall I’m happy that I started my journey I could add more detail in there but don’t want to bore you

Always remeber there is help out there and Noone has to suffer in silence, it’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help, a problem shared is a problem halved, the first step in getting help is the hardest but it’s the best step you can take I promise you that,

Will continue you story next week thank you loads more to come 👌

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8 thoughts on “Where it all began! !  My crazy mental health journey! 

  1. Well done for everything you should be so proud of yourself.Not an easy thing to do to put your own personal thoughts out for the world to see.Best wishes for the future


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