Don’t ever be or suffer alone! By Poshey Aherne ✒️

My main message since I started my mental health journey about 2 years ago has being ‘never suffer alone’ or don’t even be alone…

Being alone is one of the worse things you can do when your going through a bad time with your mental health, I know when your mental health is bad you just want to lock yourself away and talk to no one or if someone asks you say ‘I’m good I’m ok’ when under it all your feeling the pressure your falling a part, most people who don’t speak out or wear our I’m ok mask, let me ask you this!? How many people did you think were the most happiest people you ever met and after find out of there struggles and how hard they find things!?!  It’s very commen people wear a mask and mask out and cover up all there issues.. 

Is it ok to cover up and not talk about it?!?! DEFINITELY NOT, how can I explain this ok, bottling problems up is the worse thing anyone can do makes everything alot worse, cause issues get bigger and bigger the more you think about them and that issue which was once small is massive now in your head, you might get over the issue but a little trigger and this issue could be back again, issues are every day issues or bills, marriage issues, health, kids future, list goes on thing is most people suffer from these issues it’s normal to stress over issues but it’s a overload of them and it being able to talk about them.

Ever hear the saying,  A problem shared is a problem halved!?! One of my favorite  sayings and it’s so through once was a massive issue talked out you get solutions and answers that you could never see in the first place a different view on the situation, first time I ever went to my councillor was 18 months ago never in my life at one didn’t know what to expect think I was lucky I met someone real good and made me see where in life I was going wrong and made me see a different view of my life and what issues I had and neevr knew I had them I left there a new man after 4 sessions and never went back which I’m wrong for but again recently I’m got back to him and going once a month to talk out issues and keep me on level track.
What most people don’t realise when you go into a bad place it’s hard to see and figure things out nothing is real, you are helpless, feel worthless, feel like there is no going on the  pain is too hard, they say when people die by suicde ‘they never wanted to end there life, they just wanted to end the pain!   Pain is when your slowely dien inside and way to weak to speak about it and afraid to talk about it so you keep quite and suffer alone 👎😢

There was a massive Stigma attached to mental health and there still is and makes people not want to come out and speak people are afraid to come out and speak about there mental health that they will be judged and people will think there (mad, not right in the head, weird) people will look at them differently, judge them and not want to know them no more, comes alot with the gay community where people are too afraid to admit there are gay or in a gay relationship as people will Def judge them and they might get beaten up and called names and so on, it’s 2016 and being gay is ok I have gay friends I don’t look at them any different if your gay and your happy who gives a fuck,and another Stigma around taken medication to help you out  of that dark place, my taughts on this is talking to councillor and cbt might not work for Eveyone and maybe medication works for them and there happy on them, every person is different what works for someone might not work for the next people ‘but’   what makes you happy in life go for it you only get one life so be happy and do what makes you feel good. 

I myself was afraid to admit my issues with my own mental health with anxiety was afraid people would not belive me and think I was mad or there is fuck all wrong  with you to cop on saying this to someone with mental health issues is a big no no unless you have stepped into someone else’s trouble near judge you dunno what people are going though be kind help them and offer them support or even a friendly cup of tea, the person will go  home after there cup of tea and sit down and say wow I loved that simple things in life help people with hard lives they value life more, when I first found out I had mental health issues I went to my doctor got medication and then went to councilling first time ever and you know what I was open about it right away told people put it on my Facebook and write a blog about it, my thinking about it is whoever wants to be in your life they will be if they know your issues and problems and they still want to be in your life there the people you need in your life and if and you come accross people who get distant etc them people don’t deserve to be in your life ‘if they can’t handle me at my worst’  they sure as he’ll don’t deserve me at my best’

Surrounding yourself with positive people who lift you at all times, from sports clubs or social clubs or even bingo with friends just interaction with good people and time out of the house or a simple stole around the park, anyone who you feel that’s a burden and brings you down and keeps talking negative and you can feel them sucking  the life out of you, it’s beat to get rid of them people neevr be sorry for doing this your only protecting yourself and keeping your mental health first priority at the end of the day u need to look after you before anyone else lots of people have tendencys (including myslef) to people please and forgot about myself/yourself..

My personal experience seeking help was the best thing I could have ever done talking about it to a councillor wad amazing I can’t explain how much weight was off my shoulders and knowing how to solve issues I could not solve before talking to someone I’m not afraid ‘if you broke your hand ud get support (a cast) to help it heal what would you do if your mental health is bad seek help your mental health needs help as well which consists of talking’ 

There is loads of free support out there from pieta house to aware to jigsaw kerry to there is support groups where you go to chat to a group alot of people might not like this and too open,

🔹Remember its ok not to feel ok and its perfectly OK to ask for help 👍







🔸A problem shared is a problem halved 👍


Pieta house offer a free service to people who have suicidal tendencies and self harming there is now 10 pieta houses in Ireland and its all free all you need to do is ring and make an appointment or if you too after to take that first step a friend or family member can make the appointment for you, don’t ever be afraid help is there and it’s free.

If something is getting you down, or if your worried about someone, it can very hard sometimes to know there to turn, jigsaw kerry is there to help, jigsaw kerry aims to make sure that young people’s voices are heard and that they get the right help where and when they need it, jigsaw kerry forms park of a network of jigsaw services, delivering tailored community based supports for young people’s mental health needs between the ages of 12 to 25,

contact info, unit a1 Edward Court, Edward Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry Jigsaw Kerry (066) 718 6785 

Just a reminder this are view of my own and on my own experience with my own experience of mental health.

Yours sincerely

Poshey Aherne.


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