A little thought for Christmas by Poshey Aherne ✒️

Hello again just a little blog about Christmas have a read 👌

When you think Christmas you always think, Santa, kids, presents, familys, happiness, and a season to be jolly as they say it defently is a great time for family’s and kids to see them all happy on Xmas day opening up there Xmas presents and seen the smiles on there faces and being around the kitchen table Xmas day with your your family but….. 

Please have a little taught for the people who find Christmas hard there is alot of people out there who find Christmas a sad time of the year and find it very hard for many reasons, such as lost a loved one during the year and it’s there first Xmas without the loved one, there is lots of people out there who don’t have many family they live alone and find it very hard to see people happy feeling lonely and left out and would love for just one second to be sitting around a kitchen table with family, I know it sounds awful but it’s true most of use see Xmas as a happy time of year, but lots of people don’t lots of people wish it away before it’s even started people often get away on holidays to avoid the hurt and worry, reach out to people who you think might be alone call over have a chat a coffee..

Suicide is always at a high at Xmas time, it’s when issues arise with same issues I have mentioned (no family, feeling alone etc)  its a time we drink alot and can bring on lots of trouble and makes issues 15 times worse than they are, people feel left out and worthless and so on the after effects of drink..
So just a little taught for Christmas reach out to all your friends and family send them a little message and juat say ‘hey hope all well with you, we might meet for a coffee over Christmas if your free’ that simple text can make a person’s week nevermind a day they might not feel so alone, do a random act of kindness to a family member u have not talked to in ages meet up with friends.

Christmas is always a time where people are always worried about money and wanting that perfect Christmas and for alot of people it’s a struggle and gets to people makes then feel worthless and down, but little do you know having each other for Christmas is enough small gifts and sit around the Christmas table and enjoy each other’s company that’s the best gift alot of people never value or miss out on, cause a lot of people don’t have the loved ones they used to for Christmas.

Remember you never ever have to be alone and there is always someone there to help you in your time of need a simple chat can make something that seemed massive be so small again, reach out, speak k out, never be ashamed to reach out (i did) this blog is juat to point it out that’s Xmas is not all rosey in the garden be wise..

‘It’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ok to ask for help’

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’

There is free services available over the Christmas period for anyone in need of help or need of talking and finding it hard here are the services below ✔️

Never feel ashamed to ask for help, because you don’t need to be alone .
You don’t need to fight the battle alone.

  • The Samaritians:

Free phone: 116 123

Text: 087 260 9090

  • Aware (Depression & Anxiety)

1980 303 302

  • National Suicide Helpline (Pieta House)

1800 247 247

  • Irish Advocacy Network (Peer advocacy in mental health)

01 872 8684

  • Pieta House (Suicide & self-harm)

01 623 5606

  • IACP (Counselling & Psychotherapy)

01 230 3536

  • Shine: (Supporting people effected by mental ill health)

01 860 1620

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #besafe #suicideprevention #speak

Happy Christmas to you all hope you all have a amazing Xmas with family and friends 🎅☃️⛄

Yours sincerely

Poshey Aherne


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