Happy Christmas and never be alone this Christmas blog by Poshey Aherne ✒️

With Christmas now coming very close I just want to wish all my followers and people who follow my work a very happy Christmas and a Happy new year and thanks for all your support in 2016 all your support this year my blogging and achievements was not possible and I’m very grateful 👌✔️

On my previous blog, I just hope people don’t feel alone this Christmas and you never have to be alone there is help and support groups put there, get in contact with old friends meet up for tea/coffee, Christmas can be a tuff time with loss of people to money issues trying to make all the family happy but in reality the best things in life can’t be bought and that is memories that stay with you forever, meet up with family, take photos enjoy each other’s company and make Christmas 2016 a memorable one, if you feel you need to chat and you feel none is around pick up the phone numbers are listed at the end of my blog and remember,

  • It’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help and a problem shared is a problem halved

There is available help over Christmas for anyone who is in need and feel there alone and struggling, pieta house offer a 24/7 helpline over Christmas period here is the information – – >










Pieta house – 1800 247247, or text help to 51444



Also Samaritans are available over Christmas at the end of the phone for all the support in your time in need here is info…

Be carefull and mind yourself over Christmas and we’ll talk to you all in the new year of 2017,  Where we’ll keeping sharing the message it’s ok to talk about your mental health and break the stigma even more around mental health 👊✍️

Yours sincerely

Poshey Aherne ✒️🎄


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