Surround Yourself With The Positive People And Change Your Way Of Thinking ✒️



hey all it’s me again poshey with my new blog 🙂

This blog is going to be about surrounding yourself with positive people and change your way of thinking can and will change your life in some way for the better, its all down to who you surround yourself with that makes your life better or worse and this is 100% true.

in the last four years, I have learned more than I have in thirty years than the rest of my life I am now 34 and I learned more since the age of thirty ill explain why and go into detail.

looking back on my life now than I have learned a lot about myself, i grew up with amazing friends since I was 11 I still have them, same friends, now and in close with some of them I had a lot of friends there was a big circle of us,

Reasons why surrounding yourself with wrong people may lead you on the wrong path!!

when I was growing up we used to be messers and always be causing trouble every night of the week! don’t they all even the new generation ??
when I was in school I was around the wrong people I surrounded myself with trouble makers and I got sucked in I could never see wrong I taught it was fun even do my school and education was falling down the gutter, and my education at the time was ruined, when I got to the second year I left school in the second year i had a choice that if I did not leave the school I would be expelled (would you think of me like that nope, you don’t know anyone’s story till they tell you a lot of my close friends probably don’t now this)

well yes i was sucked in with jokers, messers and got into all sorts of trouble I won’t go into much detail only I missed a lot of them two years in the second year as well, often taught maybe if I copied on but I did not see the light was in school with friends but Messers when you in a bubble you can’t see from the outside its impossible you can’t see the wrong it’s like your brainwashed,
So second year I left school and ended up pushing trolleys in Tesco at the age of 15.

then worked in all kind of places Tesco to Dunne’s three times and many more jobs but along the years of 17 up to 30 my life was a big blur, I never taught about what I wanted in life where I was going or what careers I wanted life just rolled on by into and out of jobs by changing them never sat down and went Oh I like this, I have been in college and plc course as well trying to figure it out but think since I was bad in school college never stuck to me in great with my-my hands and hands on work and no book work hated books and studying I was a disaster when it came to it, then I used to just work and live for the weekends and midweek drinking too depends, I used to drink a lot in these 13 years I admit I had an issue with drink I used to binge drink a lot and every time I used to go on the drink I maybe a lot of the times I would not come home for 4 days and in a heap and them 4 days used to be a blur, and sick for a whole week after it no form for nothing, you ask me why????

a lot of the people I grew up used to love to go out and party (nothing wrong with it) that’s the way things were used to go out get pissed and die for a few days go to work and do it all over again, Your asking why I’m mentioning all of this will make sense shortly, I used to do a lot of stupid things when I used to drink, I keep looking back now and see I left my father down that I used to be around the place drinking while he had a big business and people talking about his son falling up the road, all my friends used to do is go out what you doing today??? were going out for a few games of pool you coming OK, 2 days later come home, used to get into fights with friends get arrested and so on what teens do at times and would mess with your head get you down effect your mental health all the negative energy would suck you dry..


You are probably saying why is he saying all this?! What I’ll tell you shortly you will understand I promise.

Back in 2010 I think I met a girl I used to go out with for 3 years I think (I have a very foggy head a lot of the time as I said a lot of my life was blur) in this relationship she got control of me in a good way it was good I cut back on going out and used to go out with her and I slowed down drinking a small bit but still binged drinker when I got the chance and if I never got caught I would do it, I could go for milk one day and 2/3 days later I’ll arrive with the milk true story. I don’t want to say bad things about this girl or relationship but it was not meant to be and in the end, we were both in a bad place that both our faults (your asking why am I bringing a relationship into it will make sense shortly as this was a tiny change in my life…


When My Life Changed For The Better And That Was Because Surrounding Myself With Amazing And Positive And Goal Driven And Ambitious People

when my life changed massively in 2013 I was going through a breakup and was in a bad place usual feeling lost, lonely what I did wrong? why did it fail? feeling sorry for myself? little did I know that this was the start of an amazing journey (when one door closes another door opens and this door changed my life for good.

one day a good friend of mine seen I was in the gutter and asked me if I wanted to go for a 5k run with a local club Born to run I was like u mad I was not fit in 30 years id to die, he probably seen me going down another wrong road with drink, but I said feck it ended up going down to born to run and running and walking 5k and literally got sick all over the passengers seat of my car, I know your asking why the car (lol) well there was loads of people there I was shamed and got into the car and drove home and said well that did not go well felt fucked and shattered, but little did this stop me.


little do I know that the born to run group CHANGED my life, and you’re saying how could a running group change my life cop on to yourself!!

Born to run facebook page for training in tralee click here – – > Born To Run Facebook


From the day I joined born to run the people down there changed my life, changed my mindset, changed how I seen life, changed how I used to depend on drink for company (cause that’s how I saw it) made amazing friendships with people I still turn to for advice there always there for me.

I was in a bad place second time in my life I was down I was out and I did not know what to do that big black hole where u see no light but I knew from my work there is ALWAYS light and who was there born to run members who lifted me back up and gave me that important hand to lift me back to and tell me

it’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help and a problem shared with friends is a problem halved

there is one amazing woman in the group who was my rock along with my counsillor at the time was Ashley Keane-O Shea, I’m forever grateful thank you xx

So after joining the club these amazing people just loved running and so positive they had goals of running marathons and never drank as much the weekends used to be long runs for races in Ireland so instead of me pissing my life away i used to pound the roads of Kerry instead this helped and changed my life if you were in bed you would have one of them on the phone or at the door and off out you go running these people changed my life really did.. there are a good few people who inspire me in the born to run but the other family Danny, Marylin and not related brian o shea who I admire look up to and respect normal everyday people who have their own issues I respect, I look back to Danny o shea who turned his whole life around and seen him from never running to running 100k in 2016 I was brought to tears at the finish line these people change lives with their strength, courage, and bravery, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU NEED TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH!!


Me And Danny O Shea (Legend)

on from there I joined the tralee triathlon club where I set off on a new journey into the world of triathlons where another amazing bunch of supporting people who encourage you to aim for goals and strive for helping people I can thank these people enough and john Edwards who little does he know helped me in the water but loving his support and encouragement this man is genuine who cares and looks after people who can’t swim like his own thank you john and tralee triathlon club..

Tralee triathlon club facebook page click here – – – > Tralee Triathlon Club

so since 2013ish I have done 3 events and raised 65,000 for mental health, I have done events, Walk 4 Life With Lorraine bowler who was amazing as always, I brought darkness into light to tralee in 2016 and was chairman but have stood down for many reasons I have founded 5k a day January challenge in January, I have done talks in mental health I have worked with loads of mental health foundations.

I have met the most amazing people on my journey in the last 3 years, from Dr. Eddie murphy, maria Walsh rose of tralee, Kevin Finn from cycle against suicide and all his amazing crew, elma and fionnbar and Jemma Walsh, breifne early, Gerry Duffy, Shane Finn, Donnie Hillard and my good and amazing friend Tommy commane I could go on but its not about name pulling it’s about all these amazing people I attracted into my life as I changed my life from being a nobody to standing up and making something of my life and the main reason I achieved this was because of the amazing people I surrounded myself with.

being around negative energy (people complaining all the time will bring you down) that negative energy will bring u down and attract you the wrong people trust me it will and it did for me till I dropped all these people.

being positive you attract positive energy, being around positive people will lead you to the right and best patch it will change your life in a great way, positive body and positive mind, good diet and exercise and good people you will and I guarantee you will change your life (it’s not that easy there still is massive bumps on the road but will be a lot better I promise

in the 3 years, I have

  1. 19 half marathons complete
  2. 1 full marathon (dublin 2015)
  3. ran 5k a day every day 31 days in janurary for postive mental health
  4. 3 try a tris
  5. 4 sprint triathlons
  6. olympic triahlons
  7. event managment 4 events (65,000) for mental health foundations

currently in training to complete my first ever half ironman 🙂


Currently in training to complete my first half ironaman and this was achieved cause of my hard work and dedication yes but a lot down to people pushing me from behind and supporting me and giving me goals which I never seen in my life achieving the list above if u asked me 2013 if I would ever do all that I would have laughed and told you not a chance in the world BUT I DID!!!

What The Mind Believes The Body Achieves, 80% of a challenge is in the mind the other 20% is hard work

Want to thank everyone who has being a part of my amazing journey and making my life a much better place and making me see and get results you have being more amazing that you know and thanks for following my blogs as well

yours sincerely

Poshey Aherne 🙂



3 thoughts on “Surround Yourself With The Positive People And Change Your Way Of Thinking ✒️

  1. Well said poshey, have sort of similar story as yourself, and as u I was only 6month’s from my leaving cert when I got expelled also, even when I got a letter a week before the tests I just gave it the long finger, sorry for that ever since, I also waisted 16-17 maybe even 18 years of my life taking the oppisate to which u we’re doing all those years back, and I’m so sorry for waisting all those around me and for myself specifically, I could have been somebody, i jumped from job to job ever since I was in school I worked but once I turned 21-24years old I was able to get jobs but never hold onto them as my social life just kept getting more and more , right now I’ve been telling myself for at least 3 years that I’d start jogging but I’d always find excuses like it’s to cold even to hot it’s raining I always liked the natural high u would get from it, but as u said it’s mind over matter 80%-20%=life, I want to live again have a real social life again get myself a proper job and I know that I’m not going to have any of them unless I start (walking/jogging/running) I do hope to see ye all some day in the born to run club but until then first I want to get my own motivation up and going down in the park each day, i have been saying it for months and I know in my hearth I’m just about ready to start, I have seen u pass me running every now and then, and I just say ye make it look so easy, I know the first step is the hardest and I even have people telling me to go down, to born to run but I know myself the hardest part for me is actually to open my front door and attempt to do it in the very first place, so that’s why I want to start myself in the park cause if I’m able to make it to their, then I shouldn’t have a problem to make it to a running group, cause I want to be able to at least be able to run a little bit in the first place, that’s the reason also why I need to start on my own down the park, i think u have done very well for yourself and also I’ve seen 1-2 others also that have amazing results in their lives from the running, i just hope I will be just like all of ye that are loving life and loving the run, GOD BLESS GOODLUCK


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