Daily Anxiety battle guest blog by Shannon O Sullivan ✒️

Anxiety be it generalised, social, mild, severe no matter what degree it is its horrible. And to make it worse it does not go away.

Does it get easier to handle? Yes,

does that make is any less shitty? No.

Its hard to put into words whats its like to be 24 years of age and wake up every single day in fear of things most wouldn’t even think twice about! Fear of social interaction, who you will be in contact with today, what if you say something stupid, what if your face goes red yet again. fear of judgement, fear of getting out of bed to face another day of anxiety, fear of something that isn’t going to happen for about 3 weeks.

It effects you physically, psychologically and emotionally. Hot/cold flushes, irrational thoughts, shakiness, weakness, nausea, vomitting, exhaustion, a loss of control in your thoughts, in your food, in your lifestyle.

Its missed calls un answered texts, avoided social events, ‘lazy’ days which are caused from exhaustion from the heightened feeling of anxiety. Anxiety puts you in a constant fight or flight mode, constantly alert and on guard & that has massive effects on your energy and motivation to do small tasks like dressing your bed in the morning or putting your clothes away even running a brushing through your hair.

But yet youll keep yourself busy enough doing unnecessary tasks to distract yourself from your anxiety, but then, when we do eventually stop and take a breath it hits us like a tonne of bricks. Because we don’t know how to switch off, how to relax, how to enjoy down time.

You distract yourself so much with tasks to avoid letting the thoughts in, avoiding any chance of sitting with your own mind, the fear of this consumes you, so you do everything in your power to do avoid this ‘me time’. But unfortunetly this constant go go go attitude will catch up on you, & tear you down to a painful anxiety attack, panic attack, drag you to tears and force you to spend full days in bed so no one can see you this broken. & no one deserve that.

We live in a fear of that feeling we get when we go weeks without down time& finally end up with 2 unplanned hours to ourself not knowing how to sit in this peace. Instead of allowing this to constantly happen, we should be penciling in down time into our schedule, daily!! An hour a day even half an hour a day, planned down time because mentally we need it and it can be hard to implement this but its so important to put your mental state first especially those with mental health issues.

Anxiety cant be cured, but steps can be taken to avoid some unneccesary pain. There’s so much misunderstanding behind anxiety. We are seen as being afraid to socialise, being afraid of doing certain things  being afraid of crouds, when in reality we arent afraid of anyone one those things. anxiety is a fear, but its the fear of the thoughts of doing something not so much the doing of it..

Do i have that feeling of fear and anxiety before every person i meet or every class i teach or every time i step out of my car to walk through town!?! 100% fucking yess!! But do i absoloutly love teaching classes the minute i start 150%!!

Do i love talking to people? Yes i do. But anxiety doesn’t realise this. Anxiety is the fear of going doing the task, the fear of everything that could go wrong, everything that can be said wrong or stupidly, fear of being judged! Its a fear. But it wins when we let these fears consume us. Iv recently come to terms with this and am slowly pushing myself past these fears & slowly achieving things i never thought i would because i know im not afraid to do them.

My anxiety makes me fear everything except the actual doing. Once you learn to step past that fear the doing is easy & life because so much better. Conquour your fears, that feeling only last for those periods prior to what you want to do, but don’t ever let that stop you. Im not saying the feeling goes away but you become more familiar with it & get a better handle and understanding on it.

Every one who suffers with anxiety has their own demons with it. Be patient with yourself, the bad days are given, but the good days are fucking awesome 😎

Make sure to reach out and seek help if needed, the help is there always even if it’s a friend or family member or seek help from your doctor and councillors and never be alone with any issues with anxiety ❤️

Check out Shannon’s other guest blog which she did few months ago at – – > Shannons older blog 


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