12 people explain what its like to live with anxiety, Blog by Poshey Aherne ✒️

hello again

was time for me to write another blog about the every day struggles and what it feels like on a daily basis and an insight and an understanding for people who dont know.

i asked 12 people who i know who suffer with anxiety gives me quotes or what its like to suffer with anxiety on  daily basis and here they go.. firstly ill start off with number one how it feels for me personally and the rest are from people i asked..

1. (Posheys) ‘good days and bad days its an unknown roller-coaster when you dunno when its going to take off or how long the ride is going to go on for, overthinking and worrying about things your don’t need to worry about, stopping you from doing things you love and stopping you from being happy, and making you

react in ways you never would, overthinking every single thing and going into detail while draining all your energy without even moving off the couch..

2.  “It’s a never-ending rollercoaster. You feel exhausted all day, you can’t concentrate or have enough energy to do anything. You worry all the time, the voices in your head never stop screaming at you. You stress over every single detail every single minute of your day and yet you sometimes can’t even care. It drains life out of you.”

3. “For me, it’s a vicious cycle where. During the day, I’m completely exhausted and can’t seem to get anything done, and then I lie awake all night worrying about all the things I didn’t do…

4.“It’s like having two different people inside of your head. You have the anxiety that makes you panic about the smallest things — like the house being dirty or being late — and it makes you hate yourself. But you also have depression that tells you there’s no point doing anything because it’s all worthless anyway, so you stay in bed. But while staying in bed you’re also freaking out about everything else going on, you just don’t have the energy to sort it out.”

5.“To me it’s like being a runner whose legs are broken. You want so badly to do what you love, it’s all you think about, but you just can’t. You’re broken and all you’re left with is memories of how you used to be able to run, but now it seems like you never will again.”

6.“No matter what I accomplish, it will never be good enough for my inner critic. I slowly dissolve as my feelings of worthlessness and failure envelop me. I pull away and isolate myself from everyone. There is just emptiness.”

7. “Some days are tolerable. Other days, I can’t function. Both of them are always there… but, it depends on the way the wind blows, which direction the sun sets, the temperature of the day, is it raining or sunny?”

8. Not trusting your own decisions. Getting friends to decide things for you. Even small things like what drink.

9. Thinking that every suddenly stopped conversation was about you & that you’ve done something wrong all the time.

10. It tells you that your feelings are bad and a burden to the world and that you should isolate. It makes everyday tasks, such as making simple decisions, incredibly difficult.

11. Anxiety can keep you up at night — tossing and turning. It’s like a lightbulb that comes on at the most inconvenient times and won’t switch off. Your body feels exhausted, but your mind feels wide awake and racing. You go through the events of your day, analyzing and agonizing over every specific detail.

12.  Anxiety is a liar, although it feels incredibly real. Listening to it will not make it go away. You need to resist it. Fight it. Don’t let it win. So let it speak, Hear out all the worries and irrational concerns. The simple act of listening to it will show you that you are not it. Let it rant and rave and panic and cry. Let it tell you everything it’s thinking. And then you choose..


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