Bad times make you appreciate the good times ✒️

hello all im back, the last two/three i had a few things going on in my head so best i get a blog out of my thinking so here it goes again once again straight from the heart…

Appreciate The good times and enjoy them while there good as people know things can change so when the good times come along grab them be happy..

when it comes to mental health, you know your on a rollercoaster, you can be up and down and it goes round and round, you can go through amazing times then bang you wake up and feel totally shit, thinking oh i must be wrecked, stomach upside down thinking its something you had to eat that day, oh i must be getting the flu, blaming everything possible besides your anxiety has triggered again, sitting back and thinking what has triggered me now? thinking of what you have being doing lately and did you!

have an stressful events or anything on your mind? anyone else feel this? and always get no answers sometimes?? and keep guessing? (this is why i go to counselling as he finds it out for me) anxiety plays with your mind and Continue reading


Mental health interview on radio kerry 🎶📻

On the 22nd February I was on radio kerry in a conversation with Joe McGill for a full hour, we talk about my own mental health story and all things mental health click photo below to link to the podcast 📻 or click on link here to listen to podcast 👇🏻

Hope you all enjoy it if you have feedback please let me know at thanks

My Story, Dealing With Anxiety By Shannon O Sullivan ✒️

With all the things I have posted about my anxiety and struggles, with mental health issues this is definitely one I hesitated to post but here it goes…

Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts & how I got through it. – As always this is not for pity or attention
A little over a year ago I put up a pretty in dept blog for Poshey Aherne about my struggles with anxiety over the years. I honestly thought I had got through the hardest parts of it and I would just have to deal with it from now on. I was very very wrong. For some reason, someone above just doesn’t think I have suffered enough and decided to blast me with another dose of this bullshit. The summer of 2017 I hit what has been so far, the absolute lowest part of my life. With my anxiety I have bad days where mood is low but these bad days pass and im okay again. This time it was different, it was one bad day a week, then two then three and finally it came to a point where I was struggling day in day out, I wasn’t getting better. It was normal to

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