My Story, Dealing With Anxiety By Shannon O Sullivan ✒️

With all the things I have posted about my anxiety and struggles, with mental health issues this is definitely one I hesitated to post but here it goes…

Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts & how I got through it. – As always this is not for pity or attention
A little over a year ago I put up a pretty in dept blog for Poshey Aherne about my struggles with anxiety over the years. I honestly thought I had got through the hardest parts of it and I would just have to deal with it from now on. I was very very wrong. For some reason, someone above just doesn’t think I have suffered enough and decided to blast me with another dose of this bullshit. The summer of 2017 I hit what has been so far, the absolute lowest part of my life. With my anxiety I have bad days where mood is low but these bad days pass and im okay again. This time it was different, it was one bad day a week, then two then three and finally it came to a point where I was struggling day in day out, I wasn’t getting better. It was normal to

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I Cant Make It, Sorry Im Sick!!

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For far too long, I used to cancel plans because, “I didn’t wanna go” or “I have a sore throat” or the best excuse “I’ve nothing to wear”. But it wasn’t because of these things that I was cancelling on my friends and family for things that I really wanted to do. It was because I fear the unknown.

I absolutely loooove doing things completely out of the ordinary. I’m all up for late night adventures or waking up at mad hours to go swimming. But, for two years I couldn’t bare the thought of doing anything outside my comfort zone. The problem was

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Nikki Hayes Shares Brave Message 2 Years On From Suffering Mental Breakdown ✒️

Nikki Hayes has taken to Twitter to share an incredibly important message, two years on from suffering a mental breakdown.

The popular radio presenter recalled the events that lead to the breakdown in an emotional Twitter message this afternoon.

She wrote: “On August 29th 2015 I had an acute mental breakdown.

“I was held under the mental health act for my own safety.

“I had bottled up how I was feeling and constantly put on “a face” so everyone thought I was ok.

“I had lost a work colleague and friend a week and a half beforehand and the grief added to an already overstocked emotional state I imploded.”

 The mum-of-one insisted however that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

She added: “BUT

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