I Cant Make It, Sorry Im Sick!!

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For far too long, I used to cancel plans because, “I didn’t wanna go” or “I have a sore throat” or the best excuse “I’ve nothing to wear”. But it wasn’t because of these things that I was cancelling on my friends and family for things that I really wanted to do. It was because I fear the unknown.

I absolutely loooove doing things completely out of the ordinary. I’m all up for late night adventures or waking up at mad hours to go swimming. But, for two years I couldn’t bare the thought of doing anything outside my comfort zone. The problem was Continue reading


Nikki Hayes Shares Brave Message 2 Years On From Suffering Mental Breakdown ✒️

Nikki Hayes has taken to Twitter to share an incredibly important message, two years on from suffering a mental breakdown.

The popular radio presenter recalled the events that lead to the breakdown in an emotional Twitter message this afternoon.

She wrote: “On August 29th 2015 I had an acute mental breakdown.

“I was held under the mental health act for my own safety.

“I had bottled up how I was feeling and constantly put on “a face” so everyone thought I was ok.

“I had lost a work colleague and friend a week and a half beforehand and the grief added to an already overstocked emotional state I imploded.”

 The mum-of-one insisted however that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

She added: “BUT

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Couple relationships and intimacy – managing difficult emotions, guest blog by Anne McCormack ✒️

It is true, I believe, that no-one outside of yourself should be the source of your joy and so if you are in a relationship with someone, it is good and healthy that you don’t need to be around that person all the time in order to feel happy.

Having said that, relationships link in to mental health as we all live in relation to other people around us. Therefore, if you are part of a couple relationship, it is good for mental health if that relationship is one that is working well and feels good for both people in the relationship. Stress and strain can impact not only on how an individual is feeling within themself but it also impacts on the dynamics between Continue reading