Free Mental Health App, Turn 2 me πŸ“±

presentation-151102210955-lva1-app6891-thumbnail-4 was founded in 2009 stemming from the very personal experiences of brothers Oisin and Diarmuid Scollard, who lost their brother to suicide in 2003. They had a vision to create a web space for people to share, discuss and offload personal problems, find support and get useful information.

  • They use technology to connect people, promote mental well being and help prevent suicide.
  • turn2me is open to people over 18.
  • We are non-religious, non-political.
  • Our service is non-judgmental, confidential and anonymous*

This is a website that helps people GET HELP, lets people know that they are not alone and facilitates a safe online community space that allows people to open up and reach out for help. To get started log onto —>

There Online Support Groups are facilitated by mental health professionals and Online Counselling is provided by professional Counselors/Psychologists.


Online Support Groups

We run online support groups on anxiety, suicidal thoughts and feelings, depression, loss and bereavement and more.

Online Counselling

We provide private 1-1 chat and email counselling to our members. Online Counselling is delivered using online chat sessions or therapeutic emails.

Thought Catcher

Use Thought Catcher as your daily mood diary. Select your mood, share your feelings and track your thoughts. Enter just one thought a day and track your progress. You can choose to make your thought public or private, it’s up to you!


Talk to mental health professionals or among peers in a supportive online platform available free on your phone, book a group of individual sessions with one of there professionals on anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness or a lot is on your mind

To get started log onto —>
Create a FREE account, access online counselling, group counselling or there depression e-learning course πŸ“±πŸ“±
Check it out its amazing trust me i am using the app now myself


Bad times make you appreciate the good times βœ’️

hello all im back, the last two/three i had a few things going on in my head so best i get a blog out of my thinking so here it goes again once again straight from the heart…

Appreciate The good times and enjoy them while there good as people know things can change so when the good times come along grab them be happy..

when it comes to mental health, you know your on a rollercoaster, you can be up and down and it goes round and round, you can go through amazing times then bang you wake up and feel totally shit, thinking oh i must be wrecked, stomach upside down thinking its something you had to eat that day, oh i must be getting the flu, blaming everything possible besides your anxiety has triggered again, sitting back and thinking what has triggered me now? thinking of what you have being doing lately and did you!

have an stressful events or anything on your mind? anyone else feel this? and always get no answers sometimes?? and keep guessing? (this is why i go to counselling as he finds it out for me) anxiety plays with your mind and Continue reading “Bad times make you appreciate the good times βœ’️”

Leave The Job You Hate and Find A Job You Love, You’ll Never Work Again…


hey all, im writing this blog on my own experiences with working and my own mental health issues i had about work/life balance and how being in a job you hate can effect you well-being and mental health  and being in a job you love is massive difference..

with 168 hours in a week and you know a lot of people work 40 hours a week, that is 108 hours a week to yourself but average 40 hours of that we are asleep , so when you think of it you spend a lot of time in work so work has to be a place where we are happy and like our job would you agree?

saying that ill point out that we all cant find jobs we love due to qualifications, dropped out of school early, never went to college and can find the funding to go back to college and so on, this part we have to settle for jobs just to keep ourselves afloat and feeding out family and any job will do then once we provide for the people we love and trying to make them all happy its what we do but unfortunately that

Continue reading “Leave The Job You Hate and Find A Job You Love, You’ll Never Work Again…”