Dear Anxiety, blog by Poshey Aherne ✒️


Dear anxiety,

This is what I want you to know, I absolutely hate you, almost every part of you. I resent how you have filled every empty space inside of me, every crevice. You even managed to worm your way into parts of me that I thought were full. I have nothing of my own. My thoughts are not my own. My actions are not my own. My relationships are not my own. I share them. I share it all with you. I

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12 people explain what its like to live with anxiety, Blog by Poshey Aherne ✒️

hello again

was time for me to write another blog about the every day struggles and what it feels like on a daily basis and an insight and an understanding for people who dont know.

i asked 12 people who i know who suffer with anxiety gives me quotes or what its like to suffer with anxiety on  daily basis and here they go.. firstly ill start off with number one how it feels for me personally and the rest are from people i asked..

1. (Posheys) ‘good days and bad days its an unknown roller-coaster when you dunno when its going to take off or how long the ride is going to go on for, overthinking and worrying about things your don’t need to worry about, stopping you from doing things you love and stopping you from being happy, and making you

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A letter to those who are effected by my anxiety ✒️

Let me start by clarifying something. When I refer to my “anxiety,” I’m not simply talking about my fears or situations that make me nervous. I’m not talking about the kind of anxiousness that everyone experiences throughout their life. I’m talking about generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) — a mental condition that affects nearly every aspect of my life in one way or another.

You’ve probably noticed my nervous behaviors: Bailing on plans last minute. Making excuses to stay at home. Chewed nails and sudden crying. Shortness of breath, restlessness, fearing new situations, the inability to go to places alone and panic attacks.

I try to hide my struggles but I know you see it. You see it because you care. And because you care, you often try to help. You tell me to take deep breaths. You tell me to calm down or

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