Nikki Hayes Shares Brave Message 2 Years On From Suffering Mental Breakdown ✒️

Nikki Hayes has taken to Twitter to share an incredibly important message, two years on from suffering a mental breakdown.

The popular radio presenter recalled the events that lead to the breakdown in an emotional Twitter message this afternoon.

She wrote: “On August 29th 2015 I had an acute mental breakdown.

“I was held under the mental health act for my own safety.

“I had bottled up how I was feeling and constantly put on “a face” so everyone thought I was ok.

“I had lost a work colleague and friend a week and a half beforehand and the grief added to an already overstocked emotional state I imploded.”

 The mum-of-one insisted however that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

She added: “BUT

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Town2Town Journey 🚴‍♀️✒️

hello all 🙂
on the weekend of the 18th/19th/20th i was meant to do half ironman in Dublin but felt too much pressure and the cost of going would cost me 700/800 euro so, not all was bad i was on a weeks holidays from work so was talking to ailish brennan and she mentioned about town 2 town so i went and searched it on Facebook and done my homework on it and said fuck it, in my eyes it was harder challenge than the ironman, but way less pressure and way less money just had to get 100 sponsorship for the event..

So what did Town2town involve?

Town 2 Town is a 420km cycle completed over 2 days from Dundalk to Tralee on Friday 18th of August to Saturday 19th of August. This cycle was set up by Jonny McGailey in 2015 to raise funds for 3 desperate charities; Friends of A, Make A Wish Foundation and Alzheimer Association of Ireland. Last year we managed to raise an astonishing

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Dear Anxiety, blog by Poshey Aherne ✒️


Dear anxiety,

This is what I want you to know, I absolutely hate you, almost every part of you. I resent how you have filled every empty space inside of me, every crevice. You even managed to worm your way into parts of me that I thought were full. I have nothing of my own. My thoughts are not my own. My actions are not my own. My relationships are not my own. I share them. I share it all with you. I

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